Poetry for Strangers: Crackle

the city is unforgivable
defectors ambush the dispossessed
the chessmen toss the cellos overboard
corsairs dupe the bakers
pilfered pork loins crackle over makeshift fires

garibaldi gave up on the revolution
and tossed his scabbard into the sea
petrels carried away the cheese husks
desolates print handbills by the score

bondsmen march upon the palace
waving IOUs as the railroad barons
skulk into basements below the taverns
the lunatics take to the streets
ballads of rebellion waft in the square

the duchess has locked up the tax collector
and declared the axioms of shackles are cut
while serving grapes and mutton to the livery
urchins rescue misology from the landfill

alone in the pharos the hog farmer whittles
a spear and the handmaiden sews the flag
for the righteous army of tradesmen

For more go to Poetry for Strangers.


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