Poetry for Strangers: Sustainability

carbon jaunts
the equations of raucous ruthless rebellion
we exit the dungeon with hopes of lilacs
and fears of coal
wander far from the campfire
and the light fades before discovery begins
intrepid and stupid youth
seizing the deadly frontier
your journey has been tread
over and over innumerable times
like finches along the migratory paths
our hearts lacerations are commonplace
we are the speck in a heap of blighted pioneers
we are stardust walking among
the other clouds of big bang detritus
the cycle lifts the chin
the eyes train upon the horizon never reached
we are not long for this world
but we are long for the universe
the sustainability of this quivering
quaking consciousness rolls all around us
connecting the tender musculature of us all
words are the telephone wires zipping between us
shouts and hollers craving needs
singing the holistic attrition
squander not the intoxicating dawn

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