the baseball game for the fate of the universe

the cosmic ballplayers gathered on the unmown lawn
at the center of the galaxy overhung
with the sparkling diamonds like billions of fans
cheering by way of shimmering coruscating light
the players loped and tossed the ball in drills
warming up shagging comets
andromeda on the mound pitching with her
crazy two arm windup
the season had built to this the wins the losses
the interminable bags of sunflower seeds
spat out along ditches of the solar systems
some of the players had come up to the big show
from the farm teams on the moons of far flung nowhere planets
specks on a mote on the asshide of the whole enchilada
newton was relegated back to the minors
ball players have that fixed gaze
taking in the undulations and soul-calming repetitions of the game
watching in contemplative repose
as the world unfurls around them
the game is the crowbar of self-discovery
the process that lays bare the character
rippling under the skin of the participants
incorporating the stochastic unevenness of all endeavors
the bad bounces the atomic mischances
the shock of folly that warps the pine
that pervades the uncertain turning of events
the game is the petri dish of who we are
it’s all there ripe for the peeling open
that box to find out if not what it all means
but what’s in the box
schrodinger’s stars took the field with the
humble heaving breast
the feynman diagrams were up to bat
the universal anthem was mumbled with bravado
and the umpire carl sagan hollered play ball
it echoed over the cosmos
the ecstasy of quantum fear roiled stronger
than an electromagnetic cloud
the first batter stepped into the box
it’s einstein
he goes into his pre-pitch ritual
sticks his tongue out waggles his bat over his head
in an arc that limns the bend of the space-time continuum
the crowd loves it and the hush fell over the wide universe
the first pitch was a higgs knuckleball that danced and jiggled over the plate
einstein swung and
whiffed it like he whiffed the grand unifying theory
the elemental game commenced
on the second pitch a pulse-pounding irradiated zinger
a hit
launched for the fences in the wide parabola of success
the ball a leather-wrapped asteroid achieved escape velocity
and exited the ball park on an unhooked gravitational diaspora
heisenberg is keeping score
but the innings are endless like zeno’s halves
fermi in the press box calling the plays
it’s off to a heckuva start folks



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