Poetry for Strangers: Puppeting

in the gallery of lesser saints

the anthropologist told us about the old world religion
composed of icons, gold, and finicky rituals
they had a saint for everything she said
we have piles of door panels and mantles and lintels
canoes and butter barrels
all carved showing their exploits
the believers summoned the saints
for all manner of things minor and mundane
they called upon kala the intrepid
to keep the bread from going stale
they prayed to grang of holy hole while
washing their stockings
loja the lamenter he was a human with a goat head
he made the beer foamier
even the jester roxo ensured lifelike puppeting
but my favorite said the anthropologist was
baa the harpooner who pierced his followers
with wild hare notions
like cupid but instead of love he struck people
with crazy ideas and socially unacceptable desires
when the king nardo demanded a bath of
flaxseed oil every gibbous moon they said he was
shot by baa

For more, go to Poetry for Strangers: Puppeting


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