Poetry for Strangers: Bucket


the oracle shook the bone bag murmuring the summons of prophesies
your future he said to the shepherdess is healing the pharisees

the night the beatles met dylan the seraphim unveiled lifes mystery
there are seven levels paul declared which is news to me

on planet shrewsbury commander falstaff set his phaser to stun
glendowers demons had the winddarkened fields overrun

the numen slipped in and read the sentence off gods typewriter
her face fell like a haymakerslammed prize fighter

when you die in heaven you meet your celestiallyappointed lawyer
who will bargain for your souls reward in the cosmic foyer

come over here the fisherman called to his faithful merdog
he tossed him a perch from his bucket and peered through the fog

i am the legend and the holy see of tripoli said the bakers wife
the mosaic of monarchs flashed sunlight and byzantium strife

For more visit: Poetry for Strangers: Bucket.


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