Poetry for Strangers: Concupiscence

seven ways of looking at a stained glass window


our lives are like twin pine trees
tall over the pillbox houses
our interlocking branches are the low
scrim before the stars
there is music in our tangled roots
the mosaic of time and unrivaled reach
each caress a vaunting meridian of concupiscence


we went to see the movie of our lives
the actor that played you had blue eyes
which cracked the whole enterprise like a copper cup
your eyes are forest brown
they hold the truth of the mystery of the experience


the storefront held an array of useful fictions
including jesus and superman
saving the city from darth vader
they high-five over celebratory smoothies
the crane operator bought steampunk emily dickinson
discovering the well of lost slant rhymes


in the elevator the engineer meditated
imagining herself mining the starlight
wisdom is a word like soul that means everything
and has no definition


alligator eyes peering over the still water
the enchantment of armistice is a languid dream
a useful fiction which will redound to misery
the broken compass lay on the mossy bank


the lawyer swirled his madeira pensively
before a wellstoked fire the night before trial
a fellow freemason stood accused
his quoits partner was the judge
his client was the ship of state adrift in calm seas
civic scripture demanded the rough course


the sentry brought the queens scarf to the witch
the witch boiled the frogs and plucked their eyes
the council folded their hands and waited
for the spell to take effect

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