Poetry for Strangers: Tantalizing

legis obscura

shambolic and stately this self-finding life
spinning on its point the jawbone knife

accidental metaphysics at the ladonia rock races
tantalizing euphony rattles the iconostasis

the hijinks of the early reformation were scrawled in the scribe’s journal
the latrine made a terrible omphalos but it was stuck eternal

rum pot cold kudzu and the mythy minds of insurance agents
left crumbling on the table emitting a sickly fragrance

hocus pocus dragon locus in trembling constellations
ravaged residuum of avalons distillations

on the island of mischief and beauty the calypso laws must rhyme
no stealing anothers dime or you’ll be doing time

ten days in the algerian steppes with camus on hand
sorrows of the sun drenched the antique land

our lives are sustained notes on the violin taut and pure
after death the echo is memory architecture

the penumbra of images is a skulduggery jubilee
weve been retelling the odyssey for all of humanity

For more, visit Poetry for Strangers: Tantalizing


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