Poetry For Strangers: Pedantic

what is a metaphor

what is a metaphor said the doctor to the ghoul
epiphanies wailed the voices from the tenebrous pool

the ampersand at the end of the road promised longer days
for six thalers more you get the nightingales calloo callays

the hymn of the orange pickers carried on the air
just like the scene from that book not by voltaire

the imbroglio over kuxen roiled through the winter
the duchess of cornwall trembled at its center

pedantic picaroons crashed the folkmoot with songs of moly
itll turn you into beauties or javelinas foul and most lowly

borrowing against the inflated currency of the dastardly raven
florences numismatists pulled their beards harried and graven

i think i died in the battle at antietam but cant be sure
my headstone the rifleman grumbled is covered in cockleburr

in fingals cave the arabesk was drowned out by the seas howl
but the moonbow brightened the pirate orchestral

the monkey war history tells of the epic conflagaration
twixt the baboons and the rhesus tribes solemn nation

in the djemila archway renegade drummers met the gloaming
banging out the rhythm of civilizations reckless roaming

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