Poetry for Strangers: Integrity

the modest demiurge

I visited the universe in which I was god
vested with biblical powers
I could flood the world and drown it like a rat in a washbasin
with a flick of a stern forefinger
but I didn’t
I decided to have some fun
I made a pterodactyl butterfly
rainbow neon fireflies
weevils that sang barbershop quartet
a bear-sized platypus
galloping herds of banana beasts
the mating dance of the purple tigers was a shimmying boogie
the monkey-turtle hybrid flung its poop very slowly
wicked dolphins and pious wolves and mutinous lizards
oh I amused myself
a thousand years I wielded power over my dominion

eventually I found it more interesting to let things happen than to sculpt them
then the creation had more integrity I suppose
also the leprechauns were at war with the banana beasts
and I wanted to see who would win
the fig trees migrated like holy mendicants

I took particular interest in a warren of crickets that became self-aware
did I do that I had to wonder
I couldn’t recall
their songs at night were beautiful
they formed a civilization of sorts
with traditions and laws
that quickly failed and had to be rewritten
they battled each other for power
their writings were odd
one of their vague aphorisms went
heaven molds us earth holds us
whatever that means
they worshiped a cricket god
killed in his name
prayed for his guidance
a famine came
they died by scores
beseeching their cricket god for aid
their songs at night fell silent

I experimented with a flying hippo
I named it Megasus

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