Poetry for Strangers: Fang

infinite games & finite players

in toulouse the knights of malta gathered praying over the fuglemans reliquary
the nuthatches twittered and marked their tabards without much query

the lady chieftains challenged the geocentric diplomats to a jai alai round robin
the loser to eat death the fronton swelled with policemen squeezing the mob in.

squalid train cars roll bravely over the lalland on the tracks to nowheres end
stalin and orwell are there playing gin rummy as the scarlet muskrats portend

this is all nonsense mutters cheever flipping through the weird sisters cookbook
ground squama doesn’t go with lantana root cheetah fang or fricasseed rook

what’s nonsense said dr kellogg is neglecting your phototherapy treatment
fugacious is this life and we must strive for devilish ailments decrement

umbrellas up the gentlewomen of warsaw sought partners for the pavan
the rain slowed but isaac newton quietly pushed off in his sampan

ophelia plucked nutant pears in the abandoned fields of savoy
wholly alone she hummed brahms with contumacious joy

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