Poetry for Strangers: Humble


am I repeating myself the painter couldnt help but ask
my particular brand of nonsense wears thin like a plaster mask

the aviatrix wrapped the herringbone scarf around her waist
a castaway now she made a fire without any haste

strumming on the zither in the corner the cashier ignored us
the cowardly nihilists at the back of the line deplored us

shakespeares heart foiled the medical examiner
the scroll of the galaxy is iambic pentameter

humanitys humble time has timed out like a buzzer
the echo star blasted as foretold by nebuchadnuzzar

birds fell from the sky like anchors from battleships
but broken clouds reconvened after the apocalypse

a muckle of wombats snuffle for food in the dust of this planet
the sedges would be plentiful now as they understand it

copperheads wrap themselves around the crepe myrtle roots
the shifting gravity of weightless desire never refutes

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Poetry for Strangers: Joyful

hallowed eve

the weird sisters lingered and chanted hard on the cypress bier
the increscent harvest of bone marrow shook in moonlight clear

we drew faces on the pumpkins and said the devil-scrawled spell
sure enough they lit to life and sang clamorous hymns from hell

i dont belong here the viscount shook his head joyful in the fields of sorrow
the impi will storm the odeon not today but maybe tomorrow

in unvarnished prose the cigar-chomping general unwound his grim tale
battleweary left for dead the soldiers shimmered in the foggy vale

thomas paine twisted the apple stem over and over but it never came off
common sense rattled his dreams he said with a shamefaced cough

the criosphinx told us the puzzle of impossible time but its a mystery
we found clay jugs of starlight under the cupola carved of hickory

making sense of sense unbuckled minds will jape
indris brandishing ulus crept up from the cape

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