Poetry for Strangers: Empathy

kindred cyphers

the travelers handbook was tucked in a copy of don quixote
its metaphysical ramifications are red hot chipotle

the bhagavad gita rightly points out the mind is restless
but that doesn’t mean we should have to jest less

charcoal in our hearts was all that was left in the folio
the rescue team found in the sunburnt archipelago

the mason jars of our minds are pickled with serene mumbo jumbo
huey long sat down to a steaming bowl of backwoods gumbo

a salamanders logic puzzles enshrine a mesmerizing sooth
curiae anoint the wicked but banish the empathetic uncouth

its not whether you’re a knight or knave that matters
its whether your magic consumes thunders and clatters

fugues streamed from the oboe da caccia and clavier
the high baroque is distant in time but always musically near

peasants danced mazurkas round the standing stone under the stars canopy
the system of the world is prone to barbarism and inevitable entropy

cygnets followed william dampier across the shore and up the bank
as the mariner tossed them nibblets of spinach and bread not yet rank

For more visit, Poetry for Strangers: Empathy


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