Poetry for Strangers: Community

radio lobo

the arena ached with quiet even stillness could not scoff
the communities of bellydancers and naked skydivers squared off

the fix is in the stockjobber whispered to the fishermen
a gleaming bass swirled through the eddy with a cheshire grin

the chinese stuntmen staged the blistering choreography
of the mild mannered heros astrophotography

the doctor on the motorcycle raced to the patients aid
she believed she was in an ancient roman colonnade

the sawed off assistant was prone to apoplectic rages
the magician with gold dust on her gloves shut the dove cages

at muscle beach the sailors taught the flabby daytrippers how to lift
our ambitions to self-betterment are a spiritual grift

at pike place brass crabs danced on the scales clackity clatter
filets of swai were fanned on the iced down platter

meditation shouldnt be about minding the present moment
but about imagination and visions of grand foment

the conspiracy theorists were right despite their senescence
the pandas were smuggled into the city by the freemasons

the gonifs running the city council wore blue shamrocks
and tam o shanter caps over their dreadlocks

the censer chain got tangled in the prelates zipper
ecclesiastical stoles were gobbled by the wood chipper

the knight drank thirstily from his copper cup
the precipice aint near its behind us soaring up

For more, visit Poetry for Strangers: Community.


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