Poetry for Strangers: Faithful

the bones of cervantes

the bones of cervantes are covered in carved runes
symbols of the imaginary giants and magic buffoons

we met the tempest with our spears ready for the fierce blow
the weapons were ripped from our hands by the mermaids below

lost in rhetorical snapdragons the friars objected to the printing press
but the priestesses published novels of empathic progress

measure for measure tells the hypocrisy of the true undone by lust
the fairy tale ending does nothing to quell the misgivings of the just

ajax at the ok corrall was shot and bleeding in the dirt
odysseus stood over him sipping sarsaparilla regretting his hurt

the coopers of belfast sang the ditty with unrequited thirst
the birdsong of the spring swallows wasnt heard at first

the interpersonal confessions of the lapidary in a steamy broke down taurus
drove home the merciless conclusion the gators are coming for us

the faith of the merchants was called into doubt by the ruling class
they encouraged usury of the dispossessed alas alas

the prayer of the secular humanist is the names of your loved ones
repeated in a tender hush with a glory and ache that stuns

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