Poetry for Strangers: Almost

climbing wolf

the process of recollection itself reshapes the memory
a romance on a squalid beach over time becomes shimmery

monthly thirlage complete the brewmaster surveyed the sucken
while savoring a barleywine that rendered him strucken

the silly hat club convened every wednesday in the tea room
this week they passed around a hussar shako with a purple plume

man is the only creature that makes pictures of his species
painting battles with the warthog on the canvas of the teepees

theres nothing wrong with swapping phatic niceties
like kir they help along the conversation with ease

drunk drunk on words the autodidact postulated and theorized
on cognitive discombobulation unrealized

under a blood harvest moon the apple pickers hummed and fiddled
sneaking galas and fujis from the deaf old man who whittled

so near so far the skunk was fooled by the killdeers broken wing act
as they escaped across the fairway their eggs still lay intact

not so almost the hyrax is the closest relative of the elephant
tiny adorable and furry only its spirit is gray and giant

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