Poetry for Strangers: Bonita


there are thirteen ways of looking at a sandwich
first on a plate by itself on a croquet pitch

ozymandias sat alone at the bar nursing his beer
have you seen my works he asked everyone near

what if our lives are entertainment for god
reality is a goofy tv show wild and slipshod

on the carse the alchemist gathered mugwort
the elixir of life had been demanded at court

bonita bonita te amo the mariachi crooned
as she stood on the isle of her heart marooned

treasure hunters opened the tomb of the last templar
his shield was gold and copper but his remains were char

whats bred in the bone is never forgotten
love and fear smell sweetsick and slightly rotten

big ideas accommodate myriad small facts
the weft of life is a weave of brave and kind acts

For more, visit Poetry for Strangers: Bonita


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