Poetry for Strangers: Fortuitous


let us now praise famous aardvarks
lives richer and wiser than plutarchs

a poem is a motorcycle roaring through the blood lands
screaming the blazing truth to the farmhands

a jangling spirit was captured on the vellum pages
pranking the villagers who werent courageous

time flowed backwards like water up the spigot
the apples tumble down anyway you rig it

piles of unholy nonsense were offered by the shah
the grackles screech twisted and stuck in its craw

a scumbled secret sound crossed the plain
lost sheep bleated the sorrowful refrain

in matagorda the waiter stared into the raging ocean
before serving the mayor tea spiked with potion

scheherazade passed a thread through the needles eye
tonight the story would tell of sinbad in shanghai

carved on the shoulder blades of camels were the laws
thieves swung from the gallows to the peasants applause

find me a river and a ship cried the baroness
the origami sky was a tangerine fortress

fortuitous was the finding of the petroglyphs
painting a dead peoples vision of galactic shifts

my debt is paid in full so ill be on my way
said the blacksmith his eyes already far away

prayers are the reason we sleep at all
they drift away like leaves in the fall

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