Poetry for Strangers: Grace

perro caliente

on a corsican mountain proust shook the physicist from his despair
he said the human condition includes cruelty everywhere

i am the holy being of the life and distraction
the toothless prophet cried out to a deaf faction

the grace of the universe is in this one syllable
om breathed the yogi his lungs unfillable

the ephemeral realness of every moment
is exactly what the sacred tome meant

at the caldera bellerophon hummed a prayer for strength
his falx was dull his greasy beard an ugly length

we lived on oats read the final entry of the diary
of the last seamstress who lived in the priory

an undiscovered tablet of gilgamesh still sits in a cave
telling of the kings death on his friends grave

the present is always history being born
wild and bold like a deathless morn

For more, visit Poetry for Strangers: Grace.


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