Poetry for Strangers: Umbrella


a brave man slowly wise fought the warlord
with just his umbrella and not his broadsword

the sylvans cloak glimmered a hazel mottle
lightning crackled in the chambord bottle

the birds of rhiannon sang over the seafarer
the dead arose and wrought shrieking terror

a dragoon stood stalwart by the water basin
the castle custom was to drop some lace in

the orchestra played fanfare for the common turkey
backstage muzhiks hollered and danced herky jerky

the knight of infinite resignation clutched the damask
the astrolabe foretold a quest oddly without risk

the harvest worship of the idol around the sarsen
included burning the vestiaries of the chieftain

my love is a diamond was scrawled in the sand
around the joshua tree in the outland

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