Poetry for Strangers: Tea

women come and go
smirking at the gigolo

a fluttering of a plastic bag
a flickering flame in the gulag

a slim book of words can be an earthquake
to a closed mind’s fundamental mistake

a poem is an unwinnable game
infinite players gather all the same

doubt not the faith of the theatre troupe
shakespeare is a virtuous feedback loop

i stood on the shore weighing my misgivings
they didnt measure up to my shortcomings

peace is a myth created by the church
life is mad atoms ceaseless in the search

the only constancy
is a calm cup of tea

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Poetry for Strangers: Succulent

fog black fog bathed the docks
the bankers watched the clocks

bakers found the florist in the dark shop
near the succulents collapsed on her mop

indicted for murder the party boss roared
hed beat the rap like a subsidized slumlord

a cop on the take raided the cannery
the don sipped a latte at the brasserie

the boilermakers case took a strange turn
when his vicar found a knife in the fern

iron wrenched from the ground kept this town alive
said the mayor without it we wont survive

what does it all mean the newspaperman wrote
nothing hummed the physicist on the flatboat

the curtain descended
the carnival ended

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