Poetry for Strangers: Condolence

the samarra haiku cycle

stop breathe in breathe out
peace is but illusory
eat chimichangas

an ice age on mars
is our past and our future
the panthers creep north

the word is sacred
the mind is a scimitar
we kill what we love

a silent forest
white oaken leaves are trembling
the wind brings blackbirds

aristotles grave
is a paradox because
ideas never die

i ate the hummus
you were saving for dinner
my condolences

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Poetry for Strangers: Mental Health

may the fourth

we need a hero for our times
the bartender is out of limes

chaos is coming in flames of fear
drop your gimlets the crisis is here

sound the alarum and man the stronghold
red smoke rose from the forest as foretold

our republics fate hangs by a thread
confederates march to avenge their dead

time will judge the mental health of the nation
a reckoning fraught with prevarication

in our wine-dark times we summon our faith
hallowed hope in the chalice of the wraith

wisdom is not the highest tree limb
nor is it a magical serum

breathe in breathe out
truth is devout


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