Poetry for Strangers: Fluidity

for my wife on her birthday

our tale begins we joined up you and me
to sail the fluid sea of time bravely

in a yar ship named marriage we blazed on
to explore the boundless world at first dawn

to an adventure we cannot say no
we leapt from the peak of the volcano

we fought mad blue tigers in mozambique
and escaped the chilean raptors beak

in monaco we dashed over hot sand
and beat james bond to save prince ferdinand

we adopted two rabid dog monkeys
and trained them to be sweet dumb treat junkies

our voyage continues the sun still high
but lets not kid ourselves as to the why

you are the reason we are a success
your wisdom laugh and patience are peerless

never was a fool so lucky as i
to take up with such a bold khaleesi

my darling my love with every day past
i love you more from my first breath to last

our lives are made by love like daily bread
it succors our souls intertwined since wed

they say soulmates are the one made for you
nonsense soulmates are the one made by two

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