Poetry for Strangers: Relevant

the relevant inquiry is what to do
with time not spent singing with the cockatoo

the room was spacious and clean
a perfect killing machine

reality is the last thing people want to know
said the preacher in the shadow of cannery row

dust in the air suspended
marks the place where monkeys offended

I lived my life in the spaces between lines
I am that which is not, the air between pines

but what if we’re robots the philosopher twittered
tell me where I can get lubed the bartender tittered

this is the truth then the old sister said folding up her habit
joy is a thorny old flower you have to reach out and grab it

if you treat life like a puzzle to be solved
love must factor out logically uninvolved

the sun was caught in a pounding rain
it’s all sacred and it’s all profane

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