Poetry for Strangers: Empower


i dreamt i was a hot dog in a toasty bun
ice cold relish ruined the hallucination

goshawks screamed in the air circling the canyon
the sheriff filled the grave of his companion

the brave new world collapsed down the statues fell
the despot tossed his epaulettes in the well

i drove my black triumph bike to Temple
the church organ rang out clear and simple

behind the red windmill down the muddy road
a blackbird’s song turned the duke into a toad

drunk raccoons snuck into the bartizan
they freed the wizard who rejoined his clan

what the archaeologists didn’t know
was the plinth held the bones of a pharaoh

love is the bravest empowerment
kindness is never effort misspent


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Poetry for Strangers: Vox

dry country

i woke up in a different country
a dry country
my memory was parched as the land
i was someone in the wetlands once
but i dont remember who
maybe i was a smuggler or a thief
or the sheriffs two bit deputy
i dont recall
there was a sack of silver dollars
that i remember
hidden under the whisky staves
i mighta stole it from the mayor

when i woke i found a note
in my pocket
go see the blue widow by the lake
it said
walk ten miles south by east
bring her a white lily
beware the leopard


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Poetry for Strangers: Warmth


the world is a mystery soon to be
cracked like a coconut for a daiquiri

blue sails on the water at icy dawn
sped to plunder the farmers with elan

five stones sat on the alabaster bench
arranged in a star by a redbreast finch

wires crisscrossed over the cobblestone road
telegrams of war-torn truth northward flowed

there is no warmth like when friends reunite
oodalally their laughter flashes light

I found a message in a bottle here
the sailor sang looking deep in his beer

scraps of poetry fluttered in the air
since the poem factory blew up there

the present moment is the almost past
our lives are stories told in forward cast


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Poetry for Strangers: Aroma

astro hobo

poetry is the supreme burrito
a cheesy meaty linguistic combo

a book is a spaceship each page a wing
the tales are supernovas exploding

the plumber’s wife took over the shop
waiting for the other penny to drop

revolution came bright and redolent
the women stormed the walls of parliament

I am not my father the princess said
I am a rebel I paint my face red

the jewelbox held the note from the baron
his love had flown like a southbound heron

the truth is in a rusty wheelbarrow
down the dirt path overgrown and narrow


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Poetry for Strangers: Crepuscular

the barmaid was mistaken for a saint
her halo was crepuscular and faint

the spies inspected the muddy footprints
war on sweden suddenly made good sense

the baker thought of his grandmother when he poured gin
she had nurtured juniper bushes in her garden

palm trees casted shadows on the church doors
high above circled the hungry condors

the arson expert shuddered as she spoke
the jury heard how the flames first awoke

alligators waited in the magnolia trees
for the golfers to shank one off the fairway greens

while chopping carrots the playwright was struck
by the poetry of banal good luck

what wonders we live caught in candlelight
flickering is our brief time but so bright


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Poetry for Strangers: Eudemonic

in remembrance of things blast

she is a leaf trembling in the north wind
on her the time traveler had will depend

we chased shadows through the masquerade
while the navy bombed the promenade

it’s all about war and peace and wizards
pierre used magic to fight the blizzards

i am eudaemonic spake the prophet
come on the meter maid sneered get off it

he found the future in an iron cup
foxed, tattered, torn, bent, and slightly ripped up

marriage is love luck song faith forever
an eternal circle binds the ever


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Poetry for Strangers: Relevant

the relevant inquiry is what to do
with time not spent singing with the cockatoo

the room was spacious and clean
a perfect killing machine

reality is the last thing people want to know
said the preacher in the shadow of cannery row

dust in the air suspended
marks the place where monkeys offended

I lived my life in the spaces between lines
I am that which is not, the air between pines

but what if we’re robots the philosopher twittered
tell me where I can get lubed the bartender tittered

this is the truth then the old sister said folding up her habit
joy is a thorny old flower you have to reach out and grab it

if you treat life like a puzzle to be solved
love must factor out logically uninvolved

the sun was caught in a pounding rain
it’s all sacred and it’s all profane

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Poetry for Strangers: Carpe Diem

you ask yourself what’s it all for
tacos and beer the hobos implore

i seized the day but lost the week
the month dangles from a toucan’s beak

poets will be the heroes when the revolution comes
we’ll need their visions like cold black plums

i believe in the phantom time hypothesis
as it relates to my life’s synopsis

i saw the news last night it was mean
cosmic dust has settled on the guillotine

this moment this moment we breathe in and out
eternal now is the drug of the devout

language grows in the garden of the mind
nonsense like liana blooms undefined

the windmill actually is a giant
it’s reality that is defiant

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Poetry for Strangers: Fluidity

for my wife on her birthday

our tale begins we joined up you and me
to sail the fluid sea of time bravely

in a yar ship named marriage we blazed on
to explore the boundless world at first dawn

to an adventure we cannot say no
we leapt from the peak of the volcano

we fought mad blue tigers in mozambique
and escaped the chilean raptors beak

in monaco we dashed over hot sand
and beat james bond to save prince ferdinand

we adopted two rabid dog monkeys
and trained them to be sweet dumb treat junkies

our voyage continues the sun still high
but lets not kid ourselves as to the why

you are the reason we are a success
your wisdom laugh and patience are peerless

never was a fool so lucky as i
to take up with such a bold khaleesi

my darling my love with every day past
i love you more from my first breath to last

our lives are made by love like daily bread
it succors our souls intertwined since wed

they say soulmates are the one made for you
nonsense soulmates are the one made by two

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Poetry for Strangers: Condolence

the samarra haiku cycle

stop breathe in breathe out
peace is but illusory
eat chimichangas

an ice age on mars
is our past and our future
the panthers creep north

the word is sacred
the mind is a scimitar
we kill what we love

a silent forest
white oaken leaves are trembling
the wind brings blackbirds

aristotles grave
is a paradox because
ideas never die

i ate the hummus
you were saving for dinner
my condolences

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